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2020 NC State Competition

Statement Regarding 2020 National Convention

Antioch, Tennessee—In response to uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 and subsequent social restrictions, SMG Oklahoma City and the National Association of Free Will Baptists, Inc., have mutually agreed to cancel the onsite meeting, scheduled for July 19-22, in Oklahoma City. “Unfortunately, because of the international impact of the coronavirus and lingering risks associated with the disease, it is not possible to gather in person this year for our annual convention,” stated Executive Secretary Eddie Moody. “In our discussions with Oklahoma City, we concluded it would not be safe to bring 5,000 attendees from all regions of the country into one place as early as mid-July.”

A streamlined convention (details forthcoming) will be offered online, according to Moderator Tim York. This is the first time in its 85-year history that the National Association will enact Bylaw 13 (FWB Treatise, page 64) and conduct business through the General Board because the body cannot gather.

Moderator York noted, “Even though we are disappointed, we understand that God can use this situation for our good and His glory.” Eddie Moody adds, “While we may not gather physically in Oklahoma City this summer, I urge our leaders and churches to be more unified than ever as we minister to our congregations and communities. Who knows what doors may open to the gospel as a result of COVID-19?”

For additional news releases and forthcoming information about the online convention visit

The 2020 Vertical III Conference Theme



The 2019 North Carolina State Competition was held at Unity FWB Church in Greenville, NC, on April 12-13.





9 thoughts on “2020 NC State Competition

  1. Hope Humbles on said:

    I’m trying to find out if my child can submit an art project without competing in bible memorization.

    • Hey, Hope. According to the CTS guidelines, if your church has more than four non-Bible entries then there must be at least one Bible entry. If your church has three or less non-Bible entries, then there is no need for a Bible entry. I hope that makes sense! Let me know if you need further clarification or have any other questions.

      • Hope Humbles on said:

        I don’t know what to do. My daughter has been working on an art piece, but the lady who runs our CTS told me she can’t just do art. We tried going to the practices, but due to her being on the autism spectrum she couldn’t handle the schedule. Any advise?

  2. Some churches do require all of their competitors to be involved in some sort of Bible–even if they don’t actually compete. For example, one church requires all non-Bible competitors (such as art and music) to memorize a certain passage of Scripture before they can submit their entry or compete. However, that is the church’s requirement and not the requirement of CTS. Perhaps in your situation, you could talk to the lady that is running your CTS and see if there is an alternative for your daughter, such as memorizing a short passage of Scripture–which, she won’t have to compete, but maybe say it in front of the youth group/church.

  3. Cindy Frick on said:

    When do the entry forms need to be turned in? And to whom do we send them? Thanks!
    Cindy Frick, Tippetts Chapel

  4. Traci D Silver on said:

    Is there a schedule as to what day certain events will be for the 2019 state competitions?

    • Hey, Traci. The deadline to turn in forms is March 31st (this Sunday). Once the forms are in, we will be able to make the program/schedule of events. We should have it done next week. For the time being, the 2018 program is now included in the 2019 State Competition tab. This year’s schedule will look very similar. Most, if not all, of the events this year will be performed on the same day as it appears on last year’s program. The biggest different is the location of the competition, which this year it is at Unity FWB Church. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

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